• Projects & Results

    Launched Goal-Smashing Crowdfunding Campaign

    Result: Raised over $280,000 (5X our funding goal) and sold more than 2,500 units

    International Live Broadcast Development & Production

    Result: 16-hour live course on WillPower, Habits, and Behavior Change hosted on creativeLive.


    *Audience reach of over 10,000 students.

    Executed Worldwide

    Media Campaign

    Result: Hundreds of media features & millions of impressions...


    ...including Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, and The Doctors.

    Marketing and Advertising for MasterClass Course and Coaching Program

    Result: Tens of thousands of dollars in revenue

    Book Launch: MATE

    Result: Created pre-launch webinar and advertisements to drive traffic to Amazon sales page

    Book Launch: GET BACKED

    Result: Built webinar funnel that drove nearly 2,000 people in less than 6 hours.


    Ranked Amazon #1 in Venture Capital

    Ranked Amazon #1 in Crowdfunding

    Play It Away Workshop

    Result: Dozens of sign-ups and thousands in revenue.

    Developed course outline and content.


    Designed and executed marketing campaign,

    drip email sequence, and sales funnel.

    AppSumo Product Launch

    Result: Sold nearly 500 courses.

    Tens of thousands in revenue.


    Served as marketing liaison with AppSumo for a VIP career course that launched on their platform.

    Digital Marketing:

    Lierre Keith

    Results: Redesigned website and created an email opt-in funnel to foster relationship with fans and followers.

    The Stolen Wisdom


    Results: Leveraging the knowledge of others, The Stolen Wisdom Podcast is meant to share strategies, stories, and systems for learning, growing, and becoming.


    A few episodes:

    • Lessons From A Modern Stoic- Interview with Dr. Massimo Pigliuccci
    • How To Profit By One's Enemies- Adapted from Plutarch's essay
    • Manipulating Drug Studies For Fun and Profit- Inspired by Dr. Ben Goldacre's medical expose, Bad Science
    And many more...
  • Presentations & Interviews

    Keynote Speech

    September 2015

    Traction: Finding Your Growth Engine

    Presented at Boston University

    April, 2015

    Presentation: The New Marketing Landscape

    Media Interviews

    January, 2015

    Appeared on Reuters and Yahoo! Insiders to discuss Wearable Technology

    Voted Boston's Best Tech Startup

    February, 2015

    My team won the 2015 Timmy Award for Best Work Culture, a prize we were proud to receive

    Presented at Fsharex Conference

    March, 2015

    Presentation: Stirring the Media into a Frenzy

    Podcasts Guest Interviews

    Spring, 2015

    Invited as a guest on top podcasts such as Paleo Hacks, SuperHuman Entrepreneur, and The Crowdfunding Way

    Demo at Google's Healthcare Gala

    Pocket Square. Check :)

    Times Square Billboard

    Yes, I wear the same outfit every day

  • Testimonials

    Mike Medium

    2016 Silver Medalist at the Sumo National Championship

    “Chris is awesome! I am currently trying to lose about 50 lbs and maintain my muscle mass, and he gave me very specific information about how I should go about it… Great Guy!”

    KJ Erickson

    Founder of Simbi (A Y-Combinator Company)

    “Chris is an amazing guy -- don't pass up the opportunity to talk to him. He is deeply intelligent, thoughtful, and insightful, and has a contagious amount of positive energy. He is a true professional and also extremely knowledgeable about health, wellness, and the paleo movement. Thank you, Chris!”

    Justus Eapen

    VP of Client Aquisition at NorthOut

    "Chris is an incredibly intelligent marketer and strategist. I've been lucky to know him and lean on his wisdom a number of times.

    He's a voracious reader, writer, and learner which is a killer combination for any marketing specialist.

    I'd be happy to have him on my executive team in the future"

    Tyler Martin

    CEO of Turf.ly

    "Chris helped us plan out a strategy for nailing our latest debut on Product Hunt. Despite a few glitches on the system we pulled up from last place and into the top 10!

    Chris' advice was key"

  • My Growing List of Skills

    The day you stop learning, you stop living. I'm constantly learning new ways to achieve the goals set by myself and my clients

    Marketing and Media Strategy

    Finding and utilizing the appropriate growth engine

    Product Launches

    Physical Products, Books, Online Courses,

    Coaching Programs

    Paid Advertising Placement

    Facebook, Twitter, Google

    Public Relations

    & Pitching

    Crafting Pitches and Leveraging Opportunities


    Indiegogo, KICKSTARTER, etc.

    Split Testing & Analytics

    For Websites and Advertisements (CPC, CPA, ROI)

    Email Marketing Campaigns

    Creating and delivering content that is relevant and value

    Landing Page Design & Optimization

    Always be testing against the control

    Positioning & Storytelling

    Who you are, who you're not,

    and how to show the world

    Course Outline

    and Development

    Creating content for that not only gives the information, but is packaged in digestible bits, so every student reaches their potential

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  • My Story

    “The voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tacks.
    See the line from a sufficient distance,

    and it straightens itself to the average tendency"


    - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance

    When I graduated college with a degree in business and writing, I was overwhelmed with the various paths that I could pursue.


    Did I want to go into corporate America? Did I want to pursue my passion for health by going to medical school? Did I want to start my own company?


    I was paralyzed by this sea of options.


    Faced with uncertainty, I figured the best thing to do was get started down one path and see where it took me. I became a Wilderness-EMT, receiving emergency medical training in the snow-capped mountains of Northern California. I learned how to react with confidence, execute with leadership, and focus my efforts on only the important details. This experience became the bedrock for how I look at the world. Having a framework for operating and processes for dealing with situations is an essential skill in any area of life and business.


    After spending time as an EMT, working on an ambulance, and experiencing things I never imagined, I wanted to test myself in another field.


    I pursued my passion for business and finance in the corporate sector. I did not have a degree in finance, so I spent a few months in personal study, not just in finance, but the softer skills as well: interviewing, negotiating, navigating the business world.


    This paid off in the form of an offer from the largest asset management firms in the world, which oversees trillions of dollars.


    It was here that I learned another work ethic that has remained with me. The CEO had a saying, “Always be a student of the market”. He was referring to the financial markets; however, this is applicable to everyone in every field.


    Regardless of what you’re doing, you should always have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on around you. What are the latest trends, who are the influencers, what are the undervalued areas that you can exploit? Gaining that fingertip feel for the changing currents is one of the most valuable skills you can develop.


    After spending time in this world, learning from it what I could, I decided to move into my third area of interest, start-ups. I used the same process that I did to enter the financial world. I spent months reading everything I could get my hands on, taking copious notes, studying the influencers, and building my skill-set. From there I took a more active role, reaching out to the people I wanted to work with and beginning to establish relationships.


    This effort led to multiple job offers from best-selling authors, successful entrepreneurs, and multi-million dollar companies.


    This gave me the ability to learn from some of the best people in the industry and continue to expand my skillset, doing work that I love and living life on my terms.


    This is just the beginning...



    I am currently working as a marketing consultant with technology and food startups around the United States.

  • BONUS: Adventures, Addictions, and Explorations

    Sahara Desert, Morroco

    I meet one of my heroes on this trip, the One & Only, Bear Grylls :)

    Summiting Mount Rainier

    Summit Height of 14,411 Feet

    Spoken-Word Poetry

    Wilderness and Urban Emergency Medical Training

    Taught By: The Wilderness Medicine Institute and National Outdoor Leadership School


    NOTE: This is costume trauma :)


    United States, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland.

    The Costa Rican Rain Forest

    A trip filled with soul-soothing coffee, heart-melting chocolate, and sunrise surfing on the beaches of Tamarindo and Manuel Antonio

    Summiting Mount Shasta


    Quickest way from A to B

    Hostel-Hopping Around The Italian Coast

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